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** Ductless Mini Splits

  Ductless Mini Splits are a viable option in locations where space is an issue. It has been used in China and Europe for years and the technology continues to get better! The modulating inverter systems prove to be an increasingly popular choice for many people in the United States over these past few years in converted attics and finished basements. Nevertheless, some of the older homes that have no space for ductwork, but want to maintain their charm ARE gravitating over to this comfort solution. Give us a call and see if its a fit for you!



Air Conditioning Repairs

** Refrigeration Services

** Ice Machine Services

  • Filter change
  • AC Compressor Check
  • Air conditioner Freon charge
  • AC operating pressure check
  • AC condenser coil check
  • AC evaporator coil check
  • Check drain pan
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check AC capacitors & contactors
  • Clean furnace blower if necessary
  • Lubricate if necessary
  • Clean & calibrate thermostat

** cooling Services


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** High Velocity Systems

   Your Cooling equipment operates much like a car—in that it has moving parts that need to be kept in good working order to operate efficiently. An air conditioner should be tuned up on an annual basis.

Take the time to inquire about a plan that is tailored for your specific needs:


   Ice Machines come in a variety of sizes with different user needs. We install and service many different brands (Manitowoc, Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Cornelius, etc.) with the Customers needs in mind, with prompt and professional service!


   We provide refrigeration services for various applications (Low, Medium, High Temp) for deli counters to walk in freezers.  We install new systems as well as modify or repair existing systems to address our customers needs.  We service a wide range of customer for their refrigeration needs.  Give us a call and begin to enjoy the quality and professional service our customers have been able to rely on!


 The High Velocity Systems uses a principle called aspiration, creating a gentle suction around itself that draws the room air into its stream of cooled air. This delivers even, draft free cooling, from room to room, floor to floor, and floor to ceiling. The temperature differential is no greater than 2 degrees throughout your home. High Velocity  System removes up to 30% more humidity than conventional air conditioning and heating systems. So, you can keep your thermostat a few degrees higher to achieve the same level of comfort—and that saves on energy costs.

   Repairs can be inconvenient and costly. We provide prompt service and viable options for our customers based on their need.
Our technicians are available 24/7. Our work has a one year guarantee. We look forward to leaving you smiling and satisfied!

   We design and install a variety of air conditioning solutions for the needs of residents, retailers or restaurants. We service a variety of brand names and continuously re-educate the technicians so they are aware of the latest options.